the team 

Prof Lingam Pillay

Lingam has a PhD (Chemical Engineering) and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. He is the prime inventor on two patents that cover the IP on woven fabric microfiltration technologies, and is a founder and Director of VulAmanz Water Systems (Pty) Ltd.

Mr Laurie Barwell

Laurie has an MScEng in Civil Engineering, and has extensive R&D and project management experience, including with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. Laurie is the inventor on various patents, including one of the patents relevant to this technology. Laurie focusses on Project Management and Logistics.

Mr Kobus Venter

Kobus has a BSc(Hon) and has extensive experience in Operations, Financial, Human Resources, Risk, Training, Planning, and Projects. He focuses on R&D and production.

About us

The VulAmanz Water Filters
are proven to be one of the best low-cost filter systems that produce clean drinking water from an untreated raw water source.