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Vietnam: Cleaning Mekong River Water for Children

In Vietnam, along the Mekong River Delta, lies the rural district of Trần Văn Thời. There, three German-funded kindergartens have been built for up to 600 orphans. Providing drinking water for the kindergartens brought a team of scientists from the Institute of...

Supplying Emergency Drinking Water

In the village of Malatane, deep in the rural Limpopo province, people mostly rely on rain collected in tanks for drinking and cooking. This water supply, however, came to be seriously threatened by the drought of 2018/19 that gripped many parts of South Africa. Water...

A Grandmother and her Grandchildren

Two villages in a deeply rural region of Limpopo, the northernmost province of South Africa, were struggling with a lack of potable water and with the health consequences resulting from this. The Department of Science and Technology stepped in and, in 2014, provided...

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